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Established in 2011, Rhys and Steven set up Minerva Learning in Australia and New Zealand with the desire to provide high quality training at affordable rates to enable training to be accessible to everyone.

We believe in the value of relationships - knowing where people have come from and where they want to go enables us to provide effective training. Do you want to deal with a stranger at every step of your training development or people who know you?


We love to see people succeed in achieving their goals!

What we offer are core skills in using business tools that go hand in hand with people skills. Strengthening skills in one of these areas will impact the effectiveness of the skills in the other area. We provide people with along term development options to achieve their full potential. Training isn't a one hit wonder, it is a continuous path that requires training in different areas as you progress through your career.

In 2014, Minerva Learning Ltd in NZ, became Minerva Pro Ltd. This change is a result of the high volume of requests for the use of our knowledge and skills within businesses. Minerva Pro reflects the provision of training and consulting services that we offer.

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