Think On Your Feet® 

Ever walked away from a conversation and thought

·    If only I’d said….

·    Well, I managed to get through that….

·    Wow, I really mucked up that reply….

This workshop is designed to provide you with simple tools to quickly frame a reply that provides a clear, concise and well-structured response….while thinking on your feet! Whether you are caught on the spot, in a meeting or presenting, Think On Your Feet® works. Rated by participants as ‘the best workshop ever attended’ and ‘would definitely recommend to others’, it delivers results!

Avoid the brain freeze, manage the volume of words, deliver your message with…..Clarity, Brevity and Impact®! Leave your listener with a message they will remember.

So, get on your feet and contact us today to gain the essential skills to Think On Your Feet® in this highly interactive workshop. Training provided by our certified Think On Your Feet® instructor.

This is a 2 day workshop which can run in-house.


- 6 core plans to structure responses around

- 4 support plans to deliver impact

- structure for planning presentations or discussion of topics in meetings/brain storming sessions

- effective communication skills to deliver messages with confidence

We are a NZTE Capability Scheme Provider - talk to us today to see if you are eligible for up to 50% funding on the price of this workshop.