Think On Your Feet® 

Ever walked away from a conversation and thought

·    If only I’d said….

·    Well, I managed to get through that….

What is the cost of confusion?

This workshop is designed to provide you with simple tools to quickly frame a reply that provides a clear, concise and well-structured response….while thinking on your feet! It works! Effective in any situation - whether you are caught on the spot, online chats, writing an email, responding in a meeting or presenting information, Think On Your Feet® works. Rated by participants as ‘the best workshop ever attended’ and ‘would definitely recommend to others’, it delivers results!

Avoid the brain freeze, cut out the waffle, deliver your message with…..Clarity, Brevity and Impact®! Leave your listener with a message they will remember. Participants gain a set of valuable communication tools that they can apply in numerous different situations to ensure that they deliver a clear message that relates to what their listener needs to know.

The key benefits from gaining these communication tools?

For the individual

     - Confidence

     - Focus

     - Certainty

For the Team

     - Clarity

     - Connection

     - Results

For the Business

    - Performance

    - Productivity

    - Commitment

So, get on your feet and contact us today to find out more to gain the essential skills to Think On Your Feet® in this highly interactive workshop. Training provided by our certified Think On Your Feet® instructor.


- 6 core plans to structure responses around

- 4 support plans to deliver impact

- structure for planning presentations or discussion of topics in meetings/brain storming sessions

- effective communication skills to deliver concepts with confidence.

These techniques are highly adaptable and can be applied in many different situations - running projects, sales, conflict management, team building, leadership training .... In house sessions can be customized to incorporate key processes and the application of these techniques - bringing the reality in to practice!

Comments from participants:

- Communication. clearly and succinctly, is a daily part of my role. This workshop has really helped me to do this effectively.

- Can use in my day to day interactions with people and teams I deal with.

- This is the best course I have attended. It was very effective. It just nails the issue, I believe. After the course I am very confident on making presentations.

- Great content, learnt loads. Lovely facilitator, lots of energy, pace and challenges without being scary.

- Very excited to have the tools to nail a presentation. I never knew these existed. I feel motivated to go forward and do awesome presentations.

Delivery modes:

- face to face, 2 day workshop

- online, sessions scheduled to suit 

Delivered in-house, pricing varies according to the number of participants.